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Re: General Resolution: Force AMD64 into Sarge

Andreas Metzler wrote:

> <>
> I cannot agree wholeheartedly to that. Being in a pre-release status
> for extended periods of time is difficult. - The necessary freeze of
> at least base makes work for maintainers of base packages very
> hard, necessary changes are postponed farther and farther. - Base
> dependencies have already been frozen for 4 months.

I guess this doesn't leave much room for testing of Amd64 then. Maybe
the best solution to the Amd64 problem is to release Sarge *without* it.
Then the major changes for Sarge+1 will be

1. Add Amd64
2. Switch to gcc-3.4

And release that as soon as both are ready (hopefully by mid 2005, at
the latest). We really should skip other major changes, like multiarch,
until Sarge+2. The major reason for that is not to delay Amd64 too far
and thus falling farther behind other distributions.

Since Amd64 is not even in Sid and base is frozen, I do not see how we
can get Amd64 ready in time for Sarge.

- Adam

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