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Re: -= PROPOSAL =- Release sarge with amd64

to, 2004-07-15 kello 08:51, Nathanael Nerode kirjoitti:
> I've seen a lot of the attitude that we can abuse people and be rude to them
> because they
> (a) signed up to do something
> (b) and then didn't do it
> (c) and then didn't explain why not
> (d) and then claimed that this was not a problem
> Now there is dispute over the facts in each individual case, but *if* the
> facts are as I listed, then, honestly, doesn't that deserve some rudeness?

If the facts truly are like that (I don't know if they are, but that's
irrelevant to my point), rudeness is still not the answer. It lets one
party blow off steam and get a small amount of sadistic satisfaction, at
the expense of the other party's feelings and thus the only thing it
accomplishes, especially in the Debian context, is a rude reaction. This
creates a vicious circle of rudeness and accomplishes nothing

(I'm talking about a general point, not a specific case.)


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