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Re: fighting spam || avoiding spam

Steve Greenland said:

> Have you taken the Dilbert management course? Because it sure sounds
> like something straight out of the comic strip:
>    Manager: "I don't know anything about programming, but I want you to
>              make it do X."
>    Programmer: "X is impossible"
>    Manager: "Why do you have such a bad attitide?"
> Why do people without knowledge in a particular technical field insist
> on arguing about what is and is not possible? Why is that trait
> particularly endemic in programming?

a) the above example is "nice" - when you're experienced in business work,
you will face that situation sooner or later and recognize that it won't
help you at all as a programmer to tell your boss that it's impossible. It
may be in fact impossible the way your boss tells you to do, but it might
be possible in a different way. So, you fault is then to just say "X is
impossible" but not "X is impossible, but we might do Y to achieve what
you intend to do". Sadly, often the first "solution" of just denying is
chosen, without even thinking about the latter one, which gives both
parties something to talk about instead of flaming each other. Even more
sadly, DDs mostly choose the first way out of discussion.

b) if mail address obfuscation is not possible for some reasons, everyone
that denies this possibility should quickly start to deliberate about
other methods of forbidding webspiders to collect addresses. Quite simple.
If way A is not possible to reach target X, then search for another way.
Where's the problem at all?

c) There *must* be done something about this spam problem. It is
necessary, it is urgent. I would even recommend to close *all* usenet
gates immediatedly and without exceptions. Make the webarchive of BTS and
MLs only accessible to authenticated users or webaccess methods. Only
subscribed users should be able to receive Debian MLs.

d) I'm very disappointed by Debian itself and by many DDs. It seems as if
Debian has turned into an unproductive chatterbox of socially challenged
minds. Luckily, there are still DDs that prefer to do their work instead
of flaming others... :-(

Ciao...          //
      Ingo     \X/

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