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fighting spam || avoiding spam


Apart from setting spam filter on the debian mail server, are there
any plans to avoid spam -- for example, by partly obfuscating email
addresses wherever such addresses are printed on debian.org?

Each person that send a bug report to debian currently gets his email
address easily grabbed by robots, as bugs.debian.org write addresses
as they are. On packages.qa.debian.org there are email ahref=mailto:
along with the addresses.

Filtering is a must-do nowadays. But in the long run, it will just
makes the spammers more clever (meaning: using more complicated
programs, consuming more cpu) forcing us to use more clever anti-spam
software (meaning: using more complicated programs, consuming more
cpu). Maybe some day spamassassin will be able to catch every spam and
will not consume lot of system resource at the same time. 

But the best thing is still to avoid spam by avoiding spammers to get
the addresses. Sure, it is not an easy task (no need to be very clever
to know that people that have a debian account got a
account@debian.org address - the same goes for most servers). But it
would be a good start to have the BTS not revealing email addresses
(yes, it means also altering the mbox version of reports), isn't it?

Are there any work in progress or plans in that area? 

PS: I know, spammers now also get the addresses using viruses, but I
am not sure it is possible currently to refuse to exchange mails with
Outlook users.

Mathieu Roy

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