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Re: Spam in the lists out of control

Hi Marek!

You wrote:

> I know it was what he meant, yep. What I meant though, as far as the tmda
> challenges are concerned, the possibility of envelope forging doesn't matter
> - since you ('you' in the general sense) can be sure YOU are not sending
> spam, thus you will NOT need to answer any TMDA challenges.

So?  I don't reply to Viagra spam either.

>So, if any TMDA
> challenge comes to you generated by somebody's mailer because it _thought_
> it was you who sent it, you can simply discard the challenge message
> automatically, causing no harm - since it is certain it wasn't you who sent
> the challenged message. 

This is exactly the argument that spammers are using to justify their

> Therefore the argument that the TMDA challenges may
> be annoying can be dealt with using filtering. And the filters necessary to
> discard TMDA challenges should be much simpler and much more reliable than
> those which deal with spam.

The only problem being that _I_, the receiver, am supposed to implement
this, while _you_ are causing the problem.  So if you could come up with
a fool-proof,  no-false-positives-guaranteed procmail recipe for
filtering out these spams, I'd be happy to use it to blacklist you.

Kind regards,
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