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Re: Spam in the lists out of control

On Tue, 11 May 2004, Henning Makholm wrote:

> [...]
> (Some, but not all, of these problems can be alleviated by having a
> single whitelist that gave entry to *@l.d.o. However, many people
> would probably still prefer to silently get outta here rather than
> bother the listmasters with petitions to be put on the whitelist).

Then I have good news for you:

a) There *is* a single whitelist for *@l.d.o. It's called "whitelist@l.d.o"
and you may subscribe to it as you would do with any other debian list.

b) It follows that you don't have to bother the listmasters to be added
to the whitelist.

Subscribing to the white list is easy, you will have to do it only
once, and will take you very little time.

By contrast, every time a spam is not caught by the filters in
lists.debian.org, it's distributed to thousands of subscribers, so the
cost of deleting it is in fact multiplied by several thousands.

I can understand that Debian wants to be "open", but not that we
consider our time several hundred times less valuable than the time of
somebody who is not susbcribed, or the time of a single human moderator
(if we decide to start moderating messages, that is).

So, if lists continue as they are, I would like to know what exactly
have our listmasters in mind to fight spam more effectively.

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