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Re: Non-Free

Dave Crosby wrote:
> I have already re-installed the RH system so don't have the message 
> available in front of me. The attempt at inserting the (rtl8139too) 
> module and another one (I think it was natsemi.o) resulted in two 
> undefined arguments.

There are two realtek drivers of interest here.  One is the 8139too
driver which is distributed with the linux kernel.  The other is
Donald Becker's rtl8139 driver which is not.  The 8139too is actually
a code fork of the rtl8139 driver.  I am guessing you had a binary
compilation of the rtl8139 driver and tried to load it instead of the
8139too which came with your kernel.  You would need to recompile the
rtl8139 module with each kernel you want to run if you want to run
that driver.

As a first step I would load the 8139too driver.  It comes with the
kernel and should work fine.  I prefer putting it in /etc/modules.


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