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Re: raising severity of reports filed for packages build-depending on gcc-3.2

* Grant Grundler <grundler@parisc-linux.org> [2004-05-09 11:38]:
> It does not. Most of the hppa kernel "team" is using either "testing"
> or "unstable" for devel and we have no indication of outstanding gcc
> bugs affecting kernel binary.

Thanks for the note.

> The only trouble report that might be related is palo (boot loader,
> aka iplboot) built with gcc-3.3.x does NOT work and same source code
> built with gcc 3.0.x does. We haven't narrowed this down yet as debugging
> the boot loader env is, uhm, somewhat unfriendly.

This is strange because it seems palo in Debian is being compiled with
3.3 (or the maintainer uses 3.0 locally and hasn't used a propery
Martin Michlmayr

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