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Re: Non-Free

Hi Dave!

You wrote:

> Woody installed OK, but when I loaded the (binary) driver module for my 
> Belkin Network Card I got an error message that basically said the 
> driver module was a "non-free" piece and was not being linked into the 
> kernel for that reason.  This is quite distressing.   I bought a 
> different (major brand) network card and got the same result with that 
> driver.    It appears that current debian policy is so radical about the 
> free/non-free issue that they have put a little facist policeman inside 
> of my box who is going to tell me what I can and cannot do.  

Are you talking about messages like this one?
"XXXXX: module license 'YYYYYY' taints kernel."

In that case, it's just a warning and the module itself should load
In case it's another message, could you please quote it in full?

PS: debian-policy is a list on which internal Debian policies are
discussed.  Questions like this really belong on debian-devel.

Kind regards,
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