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Re: native packages

Gunnar Wolf wrote:

> Adam Heath dijo [Wed, Apr 14, 2004 at 05:44:59PM -0500]:
>> > This assumes that the binary blob is in the debian directory.  It
>> > isn't.  It might be in tests/f_dupinode/image.gz, for example.  I've
>> > made the change in tests/f_dupinode, and I've checked it into my
>> > source control repository in tests/f_dupinode/image.gz.
>> >
>> > Forcing me to keep copies of those binary files that have changed
>> > inside the debian directory is a complete kludge, particularly since
>> > the debian directory is also under source control, and in the end,
>> > when I do a full release, the changed binary file *wants* to be in
>> > tests/f_dupinode/image.gz, not in some random place in the debian
>> > directory.
>> delete the binary file during debian/rules clean.
> You would still be distributing it in your orig.tar.gz, and that still
> breaks DFSG. You have to compromise the 'pristine sources' ideal (note
> that it is not required by Debian, just reccomended) and repackage the
> orig.tar.gz without the blobs.

Um, we're talking here about cases where the blobs are the source and really
are the preferred form for modification; these are binary testcases for
manipulation routines, and are presumably edited in a hex editor or some

There are other cases where binaries are definitely the source, such as

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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