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Re: native packages

Adam Heath dijo [Wed, Apr 14, 2004 at 05:44:59PM -0500]:
> > This assumes that the binary blob is in the debian directory.  It
> > isn't.  It might be in tests/f_dupinode/image.gz, for example.  I've
> > made the change in tests/f_dupinode, and I've checked it into my
> > source control repository in tests/f_dupinode/image.gz.
> >
> > Forcing me to keep copies of those binary files that have changed
> > inside the debian directory is a complete kludge, particularly since
> > the debian directory is also under source control, and in the end,
> > when I do a full release, the changed binary file *wants* to be in
> > tests/f_dupinode/image.gz, not in some random place in the debian
> > directory.
> delete the binary file during debian/rules clean.

You would still be distributing it in your orig.tar.gz, and that still
breaks DFSG. You have to compromise the 'pristine sources' ideal (note
that it is not required by Debian, just reccomended) and repackage the
orig.tar.gz without the blobs.

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