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Re: native packages

Scripsit Joachim Breitner <nomeata@debian.org>

> What I say is that, for whatever reasons (for example upstream
> sources being in some very strange format) has to create a .tar.gz
> file from scratch anyway, and wants to do so, he should be able to
> create a non-native package without a .diff.gz.

And I'm saying that you are still wrong. Even if the maintainer has to
repackage the upstream source as an .orig.tar.gz himself, the
distinction between upstream source and Debian additions is still
valid and useful, and the source for the package should still be
uploaded as an .orig.tar.gz/.diff.gz combination.

> But still - leave it to the maintainer.

No. In my opinion it is (or should be) a *bug* if the maintainer
uploads a source package in <name>_<version>.tar.gz format unless it
is *really* a native package, only useful for Debian and without a
separate upstream author.

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