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Bug#242419: general: need for a webbased BTS

> > And back to one of my original points: if an average user can't set up
> > his network, including mailing, and/or can't use an editor, I don't want
> > him to report bugs. Period. He should learn to handle his computer
> > better first, or ask a more advanced user to report a bug for him.
> Dude, then you are an arrogant elitist.

Elitist? Why? Because I think that a computer user should be able to
handle an editor? He does not necessarily need to set up his network - a
friend or someone else can do that just fine (eg, at work). But handling
an editor is... umm... should be a standard requirement from someone
wanting to use a computer, no?

(and I'd add the network setup part too, it is really trivial most of
the case, and can be done with nifty graphical tools, or while being
guided by a program. one just needs to know the relevant addresses,
which is proably given, since ISPs tell those to people).

> Setting a web page where a user could, with some php/python/whatever code in
> the background, put a sensible bug report for whichever tool he is using and
> report it using simple, guided steps, is not a bad thing.

I'd expect the quality of bugreports to drop seriously if there would be
a web interface too. If it would need a log-in process, that might
change the situation, but then someone would come complaining that they
have to register in order to submit a bug :P

> You cannot expect all users to learn everything to report a bug. Putting such
> barriers to users just endangers us to learn the user needs, and blinds our
> eyes from focusing on their needs.

Handling an editor and sending mail is all one needs to report bugs into
our BTS. I do want to require at least these two skills from people
attempting to report bugs. Or at least, clue to ask someone else to
report a bug for him if he's not familiar with the BTS (there is IRC,
various lists, forums, LUGs, friends and all kinds of stuff to help
newbies getting used to the BTS).

The BTS pages also have decent documentation about bug reporting too,

> The social contract states that we are to help our users, not to expect them
> to learn some (for you and me basic) steps to report a problem they are
> having.

Handling an editor and sending mail should be basic. Just as basic as
the ability to click on a submit button and type a webpage address
before that.

> PS: I had a user who could not understand that an openoffice file could fit on
> a diskette, feeling that I was talking about installing the whole in the
> diskette. However she was completelly capable of following simple and clear
> steps to fill in a bug report using bugzilla, once the interface was modified
> to request a simple, single piece of information at a time.

Then that user would be able to report bugs to debian, after some
guideance, as he can probably handle an editor, and wouldn't frighten
away from a mailer either. And thoese are the two requirements I'd
expect from people reporting bugs to the BTS.

Is that too much to ask for? :P

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