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Re: New summary: Binary peripheral software

* Michael Poole (mdpoole@troilus.org) [040406 16:25]:
> I am not sure what the legal implications of that would be for
> something like a graphics driver, especially since the boundary is not
> so clear, but I suspect the vendor would want the binary blob to be
> licensed in GPL-incompatible terms anyway, rendering the whole
> (including the stubs) GPL-incompatible.

Well, it depends (there is some mail by Linus on that topic ;). If the
hardware driver was _not_ derived from Linux, but exists on it's own
(e.g. easy provable if the driver was written for Windows originally),
than only the clue code is derived from Linux (and of course also from
the driver) and must therefor be unter GPL. However, such a binary
part of the kernel might be acceptable by the GPL, but can still be

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