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Re: String freeze (was Re: Debian Debconf Translation: Compromise)

On Tue, Jan 13, 2004 at 11:28:04AM +0000, Colin Watson wrote:
> > How the hell will you do this as there is no "i18n" tag in the BTS
> > (wild wide ranting)?
> OK, enough already please.
> If the i18n tag were added to the BTS, would there immediately be
> requests for i18n-fr, i18n-de, etc. (or l10n-, more sensibly) tags?
> If the answer to this question is "no, never", then it can be added
> reasonably easily, but switching to a non-tag-based system would then be

Never say never :-)

> If the answer to this question is "yes" or "maybe", then a tag is the
[very interesting metadata 'Language' possibility explained]

Howe about using a 'i18n' and/or 'l10n' tag and then, if it gets widespread 
use, include the metadata possibility? I'm not sure we can assure that tags 
will not be (ab)used at the moment since we cannot really tell how many 
of the current bugs are i18n-related.

> In this latter model, you'd also have to think about how to represent
> bugs that report some problem in internationalization (i.e. not relating
> to any specific language) as opposed to localization.

Two different tags could solve this (l10n+metadata or just i18n with no
metadata). Also a single tag (i18n) with no metadata could be equivalent to
a bug that applies to all languages, or a bug does not apply to any
language (because it's it18n and not l10n). 

You could also use a 'Language: all' (or 'any') metadata similarly to how
we do it for arquitectures in packages regardless of wether tags are used
or not.

If the tag approach is easier to implement I'd say we do it, and when we
find that browsing on a per-tag basis is not viable because instead of
three teams (pt_BR, ja and fr, IIRC) sending bug reports we have 20
different language teams, BTS maintainers could avoid tag explosion by
reusing the current tag and adding appropiate Metadata.

Of course, if the metadata 'Language' approach was added fist hand I don't 
really find any need to add an specific tag.

Well, just my 2c, if they are of any use.



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