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Re: String freeze (was Re: Debian Debconf Translation: Compromise)

> > OK, enough already please.

Colin, I did not want to sound too much offensive. A bit, maybe, but
that's often a good way to start...or awake a discussion. So, please
accept my apologies if my ranting was, or sounded, too offensive to
you. Gracefully ranting in a foreign language is not always easy..:-)

> > If the answer to this question is "no, never", then it can be added
> > reasonably easily, but switching to a non-tag-based system would then be
> (...)
> Never say never :-)

Sure, we we can reasonably answer the we (l10n/i18n people) agree to
avoid asking for these i18n:xx tags..:-)

The current need is a way to easily find all localisation-related
issues in the BTS so that i18n people may fix them easily (most of
these are either tagged "patch" or should be).

Indeed, a l10n tag would be better than i18n as most of these issues
are translations ("switch to po-debconf" could be considered i18n,
however...but anyway, most of us make the confusion...:-))

> Howe about using a 'i18n' and/or 'l10n' tag and then, if it gets widespread 
> use, include the metadata possibility? I'm not sure we can assure that tags 
> will not be (ab)used at the moment since we cannot really tell how many 
> of the current bugs are i18n-related.

I second Javi's proposal.

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