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Re: GNU within the name

Momchil Velikov wrote:
"Erik" == Erik Steffl <steffl@bigfoot.com> writes:

    Erik>    so you are one of the few that like the Jehova witnesses?

  I'm not familiar with this group(?).

  I guess you're lucky then... nevermind...

    Erik>    the question is whether you have a right in the first place.

  Yeah, I think it is part of the right of free speech, which is
commonly accepted right in contemporary democratic countries and I
really hope is respected by Free Software developers, no matter if
they are citizens of not so democratic ones.

so what? I said it's annoying, not illegal. I did not say they _cannot_ do it.

    Erik> it is kinda same as somebody approaching you and trying to convince
    Erik> you to e.g. change your hairdo. not illegal (IANAL though:-) and not
    Erik> strictly wrong but not something that I would recommend, in general.

  Somebody's right has nothing to do with whether you like or not
him/her having that right nor is dependent upon your endorsement or
lack thereof.  Thus, "arguments" like this are pointless.

I am arguing that it's annoying! check my first statement. so this argument is definitely not pointless in this context. We're not arguing the rights of rsm to request it.

    Erik> as I said it's completely different for debian developers -
    Erik> if a debian developer tries to convince other debian
    Erik> developers it's ok. if gnu tries to convince others to
    Erik> change the name it's not OK (that's what I said is annoying
    Erik> narcissism, not strictly wrong but even less right, IMO)

  I don't have the impression that Debian is a closed order,
self-contained and isolated from the rest of the world.

no it's not. it does not have anything to do with the issue though. the point is that debian developers are debian developers while fsf/rsm are outsiders asking number of parties (not only debian) to change the name. yes, they _can_ do that. but I consider it annoying and against common practice in free software world.


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