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Re: mass-auto-installing-testing Debian packages using pbuilder

> I'm rather non-confident, since packages like 'sendmail' have interactive
> installation, and probably many packages still are prompting users in
> installation; just that nobody ever bothered.

Not that many.

So far, when it comes to packages which do not use debconf for
prompting (and thus are most often likely to prompt users during
unattended installations), I have found:

anacron 	MQ	134017
Base-passwd	CP	184979
exim		86210
Kernel-package		115884
Sendmail	CP	?
wvdial	CP	219151
Nessusd	CP	191925
Libssl0.9.7		?
php4		122353
seyon		147269

(numbers are bugs numbers. Initials are stuff related to translation
or bug reporter)

Not all of these are impossible to install unattended. They are just
packages which do not use debconf for prompting users, thus making the
prompts impossible to translate.

Package with " ?" are those I didn't check for a while now.

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