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Re: GNU within the name

>>>>> "Erik" == Erik Steffl <steffl@bigfoot.com> writes:
    Erik>    so you are one of the few that like the Jehova witnesses?

  I'm not familiar with this group(?).

    Erik>    the question is whether you have a right in the first place.

  Yeah, I think it is part of the right of free speech, which is
commonly accepted right in contemporary democratic countries and I
really hope is respected by Free Software developers, no matter if
they are citizens of not so democratic ones.

    Erik> it is kinda same as somebody approaching you and trying to convince
    Erik> you to e.g. change your hairdo. not illegal (IANAL though:-) and not
    Erik> strictly wrong but not something that I would recommend, in general.

  Somebody's right has nothing to do with whether you like or not
him/her having that right nor is dependent upon your endorsement or
lack thereof.  Thus, "arguments" like this are pointless.

    Erik> as I said it's completely different for debian developers -
    Erik> if a debian developer tries to convince other debian
    Erik> developers it's ok. if gnu tries to convince others to
    Erik> change the name it's not OK (that's what I said is annoying
    Erik> narcissism, not strictly wrong but even less right, IMO)

  I don't have the impression that Debian is a closed order,
self-contained and isolated from the rest of the world.


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