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Re: GNU within the name

Erik Steffl <steffl@bigfoot.com> said:

> Mathieu Roy wrote:
> ...
>> When I'm told that a system is running GNU/whatever, I expect first to
>> find there GNU coreutils, GNU bash, GNU Emacs, GNU Compiler
>> Collection, gzip, GNU awk,GNU make, the GNU Debugger, GNU sysutils,
>> GNU tar, GNUpg, GNU grep, GNU mailutils, GNU ncurses, GNU readline,
>> GNU shellutils, GNU wget...
>    you can install these on pretty much any system... is my gaming
> machine running gnu/win xp? or did we use gnu/solaris at -xxx-?

Maybe, yes.

>    this GNU narcissism is pretty annoying... where's the freedom RSM
> is promoting? the software is released under GPL and that's
> it.

You can call that narcissism. In these days, I do not think that the
freedom Richard Stallman, via the GNU project, promoted are so famous
that we can afford to forgot an occasion to advertise.

> Nowhere in the GPL it says you have to call your project
> GNU/something.

Is there anybody that ever made that request? You now, it is not about
giving to the Linux project, a kernel project, the GNU prefix. It is
about naming the system itself, system composed partly, but only
partly, of the Linux kernel.

Mathieu Roy

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