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Re: Changes in formal naming for NetBSD porting effort(s)

On Wed, Dec 17, 2003 at 09:49:06AM -0800, Nunya wrote:

| > | I don't believe in magical beings.  I *do* believe some humans 
| > | intentionally set out to hurt other humans.  Branden's beliefs and 
| > | sneering disdain for some of his fellow humans is quite clear.
| > 
| > ... and in some cases justified.
| Who are you to pass judgement on others?

I am Cameron :-)   Seriously, judging people and their beliefs and
actions - and acting on these judgments, discriminating against people
because of them - is something that everyone does, and I don't see it as
/necessarily/ being a bad thing.  Life is a series of these decisions,
and some of them will almost certainly involve considering people's
beliefs and attitudes as being inferior to others'.  You are doing it
yourself, judging Branden (and others) based on his attitude toward a
certain group of people - an attitude which you obviously disagree with
strongly, but which you have offered little convincing evidence against.

| > | Please explain to me the relevance of these names without the specific 
| > | intent of discomforting people.  The *intent* is clear.
| > 
| > They are a reference to the BSD association with "daemon"s.  I thought
| > that was quite obvious?
| Yeah, and the Duke Blue Devils and the Wake Forest Demon Deacons have 
| references to them to.  I think if they used these names for their 
| dormatories people would raise an eyebrow.
| You are totally rationalizing.

*sigh*  From Branden's original post where he mentioned the names:

> We might use names from Christian demonology (since the BSD mascot
> is the cute and devilish "daemon"), with the first letter shared by the
> demon's name and the corresponding BSD flavor.

Once again, the stated intent /was/ a punning reference to the BSD


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