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Re: Bug#220780: ITP: zope-zms -- Content management for science, technology and medicine

On Fri, 2003-11-21 at 05:31, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Or rather
>    Content management system for science, technology and medicine
> Question:  I notice your continous effort to decapitalize the short description.
> I can not find this mentioned in policy section 3.4.1.  Did I overlooked something?

If the first letter is capitalized and the short description is to be
inserted into a sentence (for example by an apt frontend), it's
impossible to tell whether to decapitalize the first letter.  Imagine

Description: XFree86 client libraries

and a frontend which says:

"The package xlibs-client provides xFree86 client libraries"

which is clearly wrong.

But, if the first letter is decapitalised except when necessary (as
above), one can insert it into sentences without a problem, and
capitalise it unconditionally in cases when it is necessary (for
example, when it begins a sentence).

> > >  ZMS is a unique open source content management solution: perfectly suitable
> > >  for hospitals, research institutions, NGOs and small to medium-size
> > >  international companies.
> > >
> > >  The ZMS concept is based on a consulting approach for the rational
> > >  publishing on the internet: the professional user is able to pursue
> > >  a consequently efficiency oriented producing base with the ZMS software
> > >  and can hereby also achieve important economic results in the so-called
> > >  low budget area. The modulation possibilities of the ZMS components and
> > >  the experienced producing steps makes out of ZMS an incomparable fast tool.
> >
> > This smacks of being copied from a web page or other software
> > description. It doesn't really tell me about zope-zms, such as what it
> > does.
> In fact it is.  If I give you the information that zope-zms is something
> which plays in the field of plone would it clarify something.  I'm a little
> bit biased and the description is clear for me.

There are a couple of problems with the description in my mind:

1) The language is very flowery. It's hard to read, at least for me.
2) It's not very descriptive. There are a lot of adjectives, but I still
   don't really know what zope-zms actually does. A list of features and
   abilities is more useful than talking about "the modulation
   possibilities of the ZMS."

If it was written more clearly and more explicitly said what zope-zms
does, it'd be a better description.

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