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Re: [debian-devel] [Deb] Re: Localized bug reporting?

On Fri, Oct 31, 2003 at 08:20:21AM -0600, Steve Greenland wrote:
> I can't do that now, and they're in English. :-) (Referring to technical
> content, not poor English skills.)

Well, you can do it as well as anyone else can.

As soon as you have bug reports written in a language you don't know,
you're screwed; and knowing English is already something we require of
developers so they can participate in various discussions.

> There are probably a lot of non-English speaking users who can't
> usefully browse the BTS now. 

So? There are a lot of Windows users who couldn't make head nor tails
of the BTS either. It's not a tool for everyone. It's not even a tool
for everyone who's using a Debian system -- it's a tool for aiding
communication in diagnosing and fixing bugs in Debian. If you can't help
diagnosing or fixing bugs, you'll probably be more of a nuisance than
a help if you use the BTS.

> A few more messages that English readers
> can't read won't hurt anything.

Except for all the English readers. Just because we can't make the
BTS equally useful for everyone doesn't mean we should make it equally
useless for everyone.

> > [Extra BTS layer/system for translating non-English reports]
> > That sort of thing is good even for English users: having someone
> > look over your problem to make sure it's not user error is a Good Thing
> > before you go bothering package maintainers.
> Ermmm, while I certainly wouldn't object to someone else helping sort
> out bug reports on my packages,

Note that that's already what goes on in LUG meetings, debian-user,
and elsewhere.

> If there were an extra layer to pre-filter all bug reports, I'd feel
> obliged to monitor it as well, so it just means more work, not less.

Would you really feel obliged to monitor a layer that discussed problems
in a language you don't understand?

Do you already monitor -user, and all the LUG lists in the world?


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