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Circular Build-Depends; am I their only enemy?

Am I the only people who things that, ideally, one could build Debian from source, starting with only Essential and Build-Essential packages?

The current fun is cdbs. Which Build-Depends on springgraph. Which depends on libgd-gd2-*-perl, which Build-Depends on cdbs. Slight problem here....

Yes, I know about README.Build in cdbs. Thanks, Colin! Perhaps a Build-Recommends field could be added, which would be treated just like a Build-Depends by the autobuilders, but would at least provide a standardized way to clue people in that that package will build fine without those (but at the possible loss of documentation, etc.)

Loops would be allowed in the Recommends line, but not the Depends lines. That way, loops can be intelligently and automatically broken --- probably followed by rebuilding the packages that didn't have the Recommends satisfied the first time around.

Oh well, off to figure out "FAIL: recursive.sh"

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