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Re: [debian-devel] [Deb] Re: Localized bug reporting?

On 30-Oct-03, 23:16 (CST), Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> wrote: 
> Uh, I've missed the start of this thread, but I assume you're talking
> about having non-English bug reports. In that case you've missed a serious
> one: people can no longer look through the BTS and expect to be able to
> understand all the bugs they find.

I can't do that now, and they're in English. :-) (Referring to technical
content, not poor English skills.)

There are probably a lot of non-English speaking users who can't
usefully browse the BTS now. A few more messages that English readers
can't read won't hurt anything.

> [Extra BTS layer/system for translating non-English reports]
> That sort of thing is good even for English users: having someone
> look over your problem to make sure it's not user error is a Good Thing
> before you go bothering package maintainers.

Ermmm, while I certainly wouldn't object to someone else helping sort
out bug reports on my packages, I think this sort of thing is part of
being a DD. It's usually doesn't take time to point someone at the
documentation, and if I get several similar user errors, it means that
there's something missing or confusing about the docs/program.

If there were an extra layer to pre-filter all bug reports, I'd feel
obliged to monitor it as well, so it just means more work, not less.

As far as foreign languages go, if I ever get a non-English bug report,
I'll try to figure out what language it's in, and ask for help on the
appropriate debian translation list (if such exists), or debian-devel if
it doesn't. If such requests become a big deal, then we'll create a new

I'd *guess* that people who don't speak English tend to inhabit a local
language specific user list, and get most of their help there.

All this proposed formality seems like overkill, at the moment.


Steve Greenland
    The irony is that Bill Gates claims to be making a stable operating
    system and Linus Torvalds claims to be trying to take over the
    world.       -- seen on the net

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