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Re: [debian-devel] [Deb] Re: Localized bug reporting?


Summary of objections so far:

-the proposal would drain resources from other more useful activities,
 as there are other things to translate, and users would feel encouraged
 to report bugs on their own language.
 my opinion:
 We could minimize that effect by discouraging users to use non-english
 language in bug report, stating that it will get resources off from
 other more interesting duties, make the bugfix time much longer and
 they aren't supposed to write clear english anyway.
 I also think that there might be people who find this kind of
 translation activity more interesting, so it may even gives them
 inspiration to do other activities better:)

-this would mean serious architectural changes
 I don't think these changes are really serious. If I submit patches
 against reportbug and debbugs, it would almost nullify this argument,
 I think.

I think that this approach is better than the other alternatives
proposed because:
-those bugs which not even got into the view of developers would turn
out, and you could find them paralell with other bug reports in english
-it would help local communities

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