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Re: Localized bug reporting?

It wouldn't be better if the bug continues to be reported against the
package and then the developer reports a bug against the "pt_BR team"
asking for a translation?

Em Qui, 2003-10-30 às 12:17, Ben Collins escreveu:
> On Thu, Oct 30, 2003 at 02:50:08PM +0100, Magos?nyi ?rp?d (mag) wrote:
> > Hi!
> > 
> > Is there a known or planned way to report bugs in the Debian BTS in
> > a non-english language?
> > 
> > If not, here is a proposal:
> > -create technical packages for each language for which there is a
> > team which mediates with the developer.
> > -modify reportbug to "detect" the language of the report. (detect=
> >  there is a commandline switch or a question to determine the language.
> >  The question is asked if the LC_MESSAGES category does not start with
> >  "en_")
> > -if there is a non-english language detected, the bug report is sent to
> >  package <language> instead the real package.
> > -the maintainers of the language package mediate the communication
> > between the user and the package maintainer. It can be done either
> > by a paralell bug issued against the package, or through translate-
> > reassign-ask-reassign-translate-answer-translate-reassign cycles.
> > 
> What about packages that already have a language extension? I think
> you'd have to do something like this in the bug report:
> Package: langmaint-<language>
> RealPackage: <real package name>
> I worry about languages becoming unmaintained though, but at the same
> time, there's probably a lot of bug reports we aren't seeing because of
> this problem already. Id feel better about it if the mailing list for a
> certain language was the maintainer address for the psuedo package. If a
> language doesn't have a mailing list, it probably doesn't warrant a
> psuedo package for handling bugs.
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