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Re: [PROPOSAL] Mutli-Functional Translation Effort (Was: Re: [debian-devel] [Deb] Re: Localized bug reporting?)

A levelezőm azt hiszi, hogy Daniel Ruoso a következőeket írta:
> Ok,
> What about creating a service where people asks for translations and
> people translates? 

Nice idea, though it is not debian related. Actually it occurs to me
that there IS such a service. The substring "babel" is in the
URL associated with it. I have seen it mentioned in one of the
FFII mailing list, but I wasn't too interested, as I do not need
it for English, and babelfish does the rest for me.

Maybe setting up a project to translate debian-related material
on request in general (i.e. more generally than just bug reports)
would make sense, but I am not really sure.

> What would be needed to do it?
> AFAIK, there is no such software, it would need to be implemented (i
> could handle that (with help, of course)).

Actually there IS at least two such free software at least in Hungary.
One is called FSR (Fordítást Segítő Rendszer/Translation Aid System),
the other is the oohu translation system.

FSR is an effort of LME (Association of Hungarian Linux Users), its current
version is a Zope based one. It has advanced functionality, but somehow
abandoned, mainly due to its bad PR.  The functional specification, most of
the system design and some of the code of the second version is ready, but
the development is stalled. The last effort to revitalize it was in the
beginning of this month, but due to some organisational glitches they could
not get the funding needed to roll the project further. It is a pity,
because that one would really hit: translation memory, and everything you
could expect from a translation system, plus the functionality to use it in
a distributed manner. If we can get some funding to prevent its main
developer from starving, it will be a very good system.

The oohu translation system is made by FSF.hu. It is a relatively simple
one compared to FSR, some php scripts with a database backend. But it has
done some really nifty jobs already. You might remember that we have
translated the whole menu system of OpenOffice.org within three days, and
most of the help in another weekend. It was done with that. This system
also have some limited translation memory-like functionality, but preparing
the input for it is somewhat complicated. It is really suitable for
translation parties.

Another choice could be any bug tracking system like bugzilla.
Never underestimate the power of simple solutions.

> In any of these cases, it will need some place to host it.

If it is a debian project, there will surely be some resources
to use for the purpose. It seems to me that Debian have
more computing resources than SourceForge.
(I am just debugging an alpha related bug in faure. I am the
second login since 6 days, loadavg is 0.00)

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