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[PROPOSAL] Mutli-Functional Translation Effort (Was: Re: [debian-devel] [Deb] Re: Localized bug reporting?)


What about creating a service where people asks for translations and
people translates? 


I think that could be more translations if the translators could just
access some web page, request a text to translate, and just translate
that text, without the need of direct contact with the maintainer of the
software nor with the po files.
The DDTP is a good example of such service, but I think this could be
extended to any other type of translation, i.e: bug report translation
(i agree that the user should be encouraged to post the bug in english,
but that *must not* be a pre-requisite), po files translation, java
message bundles translations and so on...

How it would work?

All registered users inform the languages (s)he spokes.
All registered users can translate some text from one language (s)he
spokes to another language (s)he spokes.
All registered users can review translations (following the rules to
A translation request can require none, 1 or 2 reviews depending on the
use of this translation (i.e: bug report translations could require no

What would be needed to do it?

AFAIK, there is no such software, it would need to be implemented (i
could handle that (with help, of course)).
This could be a module in allioth or any software-related service, or a
stand-alone service (which I prefer).
In any of these cases, it will need some place to host it.

What do you think?

Em Qui, 2003-10-30 às 15:13, Magosányi Árpád escreveu:
> Hi!
> Summary of objections so far:
> -the proposal would drain resources from other more useful activities,
>  as there are other things to translate, and users would feel encouraged
>  to report bugs on their own language.
>  my opinion:
>  We could minimize that effect by discouraging users to use non-english
>  language in bug report, stating that it will get resources off from
>  other more interesting duties, make the bugfix time much longer and
>  they aren't supposed to write clear english anyway.
>  I also think that there might be people who find this kind of
>  translation activity more interesting, so it may even gives them
>  inspiration to do other activities better:)
> -this would mean serious architectural changes
>  I don't think these changes are really serious. If I submit patches
>  against reportbug and debbugs, it would almost nullify this argument,
>  I think.
> I think that this approach is better than the other alternatives
> proposed because:
> -those bugs which not even got into the view of developers would turn
> out, and you could find them paralell with other bug reports in english
> -it would help local communities
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