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[PROPOSAL] new debian-kernels mailing list

Hi debian folks

as already proposed by me last September, starting from an old thread 
in -private, it's IMO time to start a new mailing list to better 
cohordinate and manage debian kernels and patches.

The list (dedicated to developers, of course) should be dedicated to 
discussions, proposals and patches related to Linux and non-Linux 
kernels (BSD and Hurd) in Debian, with the same purposes and uses 
of the more seasoned debian-gcc and debian-glibc MLs.

One or more kernel teams could be started from there, under major control of 
Herbert Xu (current main kernel maintainer) and other kernel hackers.
(please, Herbert could you express your opinions about?)

This is an invitation to discussion before submitting a formal proposal
to lists.debian.org. There was already a certain interest in september, 
but a larger consensus could be a good thing.


Francesco P. Lovergine

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