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Please, do not forget to explain why you reset the severity of a bug

severity 149425 important

No reason was provided in 
to set severity as wishlist.

I'm sorry but I can't think of any good reason not to send that data
compressed, this is an obvious waste of bandwith. It is not
complicated to send compressed data over an automated mail, it is not
complicated to uncompress data received by mail.

Saving user bandwith *is* worth the effort.

This pop-con project is interesting only if installing it on 100
computers of a network does not mean sending 10 Mb by mail per week,
just for statistical purpose.

In my opinion, this problem is a bug, not a wish, and it fits the
following severity:  

  a bug which has a major effect on the usability of a package,
  without rendering it completely unusable to everyone

Yes, it is even worse than a "normal" bug because it indeed does
"undermine the usability of the whole package", it is not just a
problem with a specific option -- however, it is still usable if you
have extra-bandwith, that's the reason why it does not deserve a

If you do not agree, please argue, do not just reset the severity
without any meaningful explanation, this is misbehaving, as DD you
agreed to take care about users.

Such a bug should not remain unfixed for "1 year and 143 days old", I
hope more attention will be paid to that problem with this more
appropriate severity.


Mathieu Roy

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