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Re: status of Progeny projects

Scott James Remnant dijo [Mon, Oct 27, 2003 at 03:24:55PM +0000]:
> > If the debian-installer would have been developed further, this would
> > not be a problem at all.  However, Debian is struggling with the
> > debian-installer for several years now and it still is quite away from
> > being a usable installer for all stable architectures.
> > 
> > Since the new installer is not ready yet, the old installer hasn't been
> > worked on for a while so is probably not usable *anymore* another
> > installation system that is not (yet?) considered as the new installer
> > can only distract people from the debian-installer, hence delaying it
> > even more.
> > 
> Ah, I apologise ... your problem is that not working on d-i will delay
> the release of sarge, because it needs a new installer?
> In that case, the solution is simple.  Add Progeny's work to the list of
> installation systems being considered for sarge.  From Ian's mail it
> sounds like they've got it in pretty good shape already.
> I'm sure you have no objection to that, if it means we could release
> sarge on time?

I don't think this would work. Progeny has made a great installer, and
now is working on another one. The reason they could do it is because
they are not bound by what MIPS or m68k can do - Anaconda works on
some architecutres, but does not work on others. Anaconda is (in its
current shape) not good for Debian as the main installation
system. Besides, last time I checked, Anaconda was HUGE - Would not
work if we want to still provide the ability to install using a couple
of floppies.


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