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Re: recent spam to this list

Manoj writes:
> Consider this use case: I travel a lot, and stay in hotels with network
> connections. Unfortunately, these nigtly billed domains have very poor
> mail gateways; I've been burned before. I now connect directly and
> deliver mail from the MTA on my laptop.

> I do not know, a priori, what the IP address is likely to be, and getting
> DNS changed for datasync.com would take days, not hours, by which time I
> would no longer be at the IP.

> I do not have co-located servers; and my normal machine may not be
> accessible from outside to tunnel to. Just like the postcards I mail from
> the Hotel, the return address on my email points to a valid mbox.

Get a smtp.com account.  <http://www.smtp.com/> The sort of relaying you
need appears to be their business (I've never done business with them

John Hasler

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