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Re: recent spam to this list

Joel Baker writes:
> I'm going to gloss over the utter mistake of your first statement

I am on a dialup with a "dynamic" IP number: I am allowed to borrow a
number from my ISP at need.  There is no IP number over which I have any
administrative control.  Thus I have no IP in that I would be unable to
implement any system that required control of "my" IP number.

> 4) Normal end-users relaying through their home ISP, organization, or
> business (The Road Warrior)

My ISP does not permit this.  It is the only one available to me.

> Classes 3 appears to be your situation; both this, and class 4, are
> removed entirely from the question of SPF/RMX/etc, because they relay
> through their ISP's smarthost (and thus, that smarthost is what will be
> checked for being allowed to send to a remote site).

I cannot relay through my ISP's smarthost from outside his system.

> You smarthost your email to a server configured to handle turkey.com
> email, which is presumably listed in the policy, and *it* sends the email
> on to the remote site (which then sees it coming from that server, not
> you, and will accept it as coming from an approved server).

That is how I thought SPF worked.  This would be fine with me.  However,
statements made earlier in this thread seemed to me to imply that the
cooperation of the administrators of domains from which mail would be
originating would be required.  This would be useless to me: I doubt I
could get the cooperation of even my ISP, let alone some hospital or

> If it's a choice between being nice to the people in class 5, and having
> a thousand fewer emails a week to sift through in *my* mailbox, they can
> take a flying leap. None of them are important enough (right now) that I
> want to get their emails *more* than I want to *not* get that many
> spams/broken autoresponders/viruses/etc.

I get several hundred per day, many indicating that some SOB is sending
libelous and obscene spams in my name.  If SPF works as it seems I want it
John Hasler
john@dhh.gt.org (John Hasler)
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, WI

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