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RE: recent spam to this list

John Hasler wrote:
> Julian Mehnle writes:
> > No, but this again is one of these broken "e-mail vs. real world"
> > analogies.  You can't receive mail through such a letter box, but a
> > sender address is inherently meant to be a valid address through which
> > you can be contacted (among other criteria).
> I can no more be contacted via the machine in that library than I can via
> the letterbox.  I go in there, spend five minutes sending an email and
> leave, expecting any replies or bounces to go to my real address.  If my
> message is bounced to that box or a reply sent there it will vanish
> without a trace.

Then it's up to the library to decide whether to offer this feature (envelope-from forgery, or call it envelope-from pretendery) or protect its domain from unauthorized use in envelope-froms.  Of course the latter option implies restrictions for users like you, but the library is not at all required to implement these restrictions for its domain.

I still don't understant why so many people object against the cited proposals...  The implementation on the sending side (i.e. the DNS configuration) is entirely optional.

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