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Re: recent spam to this list

Manoj Srivastava said on Tue, Oct 14, 2003 at 04:40:15PM -0500:
> 	Consider this use case: I travel a lot, and stay in hotels
>  with network connections. Unfortunately, these  nigtly billed domains
>  have very poor mail gateways; I've been burned before. I now connect
>  directly and deliver mail from the MTA on my laptop.
> 	I do not know, a priori, what the IP address is likely to be,
>  and getting DNS changed for datasync.com would take days, not hours,
>  by which time I would no longer be at the IP.
> 	I do not have co-located servers; and my normal machine may
>  not be accessible from outside to tunnel to. Just like the postcards
>  I mail from the Hotel, the return address on my email points to a
>  valid mbox. 
> 	Would there be any way to implement tihs use case with
>  everyone using SPF, and telling spamassassin to deep six failures?

You've got an SMTP server somewhere that accepts mail, right?  (Otherwise, how
do you recieve?).

Configure that server to relay for people who are using SMTP AUTH, and then
configure your laptop to use that as a smart host using SMTP AUTH.  Then, you
SPF for your smart host only; no wacky Dynamic DNS hacks required.  Frankly,
that kind of setup works better anyway; you get your mail off of your
non-reliably connected laptop ASAP, and then let your smarthost worry about


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