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Re: Future releases of Debian

Bernhard R. Link wrote:
> Both a system presenting a utter mess of uneeded things and technical
> terms and a system only saying "Installation successful" or
> "Installation failed" are two ends of user-unfriendly behaviour.
> While the first can be at least cured with a good documentation, the
> last is simply frustrating.

Luckily d-i falls in neither of these camps, since there are some smart
people working on it. For example, if it is running at a high priority
level, skipping most user interaction, and something fails, it falls
back to a lower priority level, giving the user a chance to manually
correct whatever it was that broke.

I think you'd better use your time by learning about and contributing to
d-i, rather than writing uninformed, generic commentary.

see shy jo

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