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Re: Future releases of Debian

Hi again!

Am 2003-07-24 10:11 +0200 schrieb Roland Mas:
> They're the single most unpopular point of Debian.  The installation
> process is universally known to be non-user-friendly.  (Note I'm not
> saying it doesn't work.)

IMHO the problem (that journal testers complain of) is not the base
installation, but the complete lack of hardware autodetection and
-configuration for X, sound cards, cd burners, usb devices and so on.
But these issues do not have much to to with b-f, more with a common
hw detection infrastructure in Debian itself. HW detection must work
also when apt-getting an X server, hotplug or cdrecord, not just when
installing a fresh Debian. I definitively do _not_ want to reinstall
my much-cared-of system just because I've bought a new graphics card
or a wheel mouse.

I like b-f very much, you can install a base system with a fast, clean
menu based interface (partitioning, network installation etc.) Could
someone tell me what is actually wrong with them (apart from not
having a more colorful interface, SCNR)? If it is totally screwed up
under the hood, then a clean redesign is good. If its only a cosmetic
issue, I do not see the point. This is really a genuine question, no
flaming intended.


Martin Pitt 
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