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Re: Work-needing packages report for Jul 11, 2003

* Lukas Geyer 

| Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@raw.no> writes:
| > * "Jamin W. Collins" 
| > 
| > | And because my interests lie in packages that may not be seen as
| > | "important sections of Debian" I'm a second class applicant?
| > 
| > yes.  if you are just bolting another web gallery or editor onto
| > debian, that is far less important than if you fix bugs in
| > debian-installer, debbugs, ipv6 related packages, send in bug reports
| > and patches, etc.
| A short check would have revealed that Jamin is indeed active in
| reporting bugs, and does not only try to get his new pet project into
| Debian.

«you» does not necessarily mean Jamin, and I wasn't commenting upon
his work, which I haven't seen.

| > | And as far as I'm concerned, 60 days without any status update is too
| > | long to keep someone waiting.  There is no good reason for lack of
| > | updates.  If DAM has too much on his plate to provide a simple update
| > | then he needs to reduce the stuff on his plate and let someone else take
| > | over.
| > 
| > that is not your call to make.  It's his, and the DPL's.
| What about us other fellow developers? Since when has Debian become a
| monarchy?

er, we have a leader, and he has a delegate, the DAM.  The DPL and the
DAM are those who can change who the DAM is, through normal

| Or haven't you noticed that some developers are also unhappy
| with the NM situation?

Nobody seems to be so unhappy that they want to propose a general

| Do you think it is absolutely necessary for DDs to have the
| determination and idealism to endure months in a limbo without any
| feedback?

Where do I say anything like that?

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