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Re: Work-needing packages report for Jul 11, 2003

* Oliver Kurth 


| Having sponsors is nice, but sometimes they are busy or not reachable. I 
| was also holding back some packages until I was finally accepted. 



| > | Additionally, I feel that the current NM process is very broken WRT to
| > | the DAM approval stage and that the only way it will be fixed is through
| > | someone being very vocal about it. 
| > 
| > I think you are wrong.
| I do not. The applicant should receive _some_ notice about what is going 
| on. Or at least get an answer when he asks. I never got a respond from 
| DAM.

uhm, you think the process will be fixed if people are running about
complaining about it?  if you've been around Debian for a while, you
know that people have tried that approach without it helping.

| > it should probably be a bit more open than it is today, but I really
| > don't see the point of getting a bunch more maintainer who will go MIA
| > in a few months.
| A /bit/ more open?

yes, getting through NM now isn't very hard.

| > And having people whine about NM right now is kinda silly: samosa, aka
| > db.d.o is down and until it's up, the DAM can't create any accounts.
| There is always _some_ reason... a server burnt down, keyring broken, 
| etc. I've heard many excuses. But never from DAM, and often tagged 
| with 'I've heard', 'there are rumors that..', bla bla.

try pinging db.d.o if you don't believe it is down.  Or are you
implying that DSA have turned the machine off in order to have an
excuse to not create accounts?

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