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Re: Work-needing packages report for Jul 11, 2003

Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@raw.no> writes:

> * "Jamin W. Collins" 
> | And because my interests lie in packages that may not be seen as
> | "important sections of Debian" I'm a second class applicant?
> yes.  if you are just bolting another web gallery or editor onto
> debian, that is far less important than if you fix bugs in
> debian-installer, debbugs, ipv6 related packages, send in bug reports
> and patches, etc.

A short check would have revealed that Jamin is indeed active in
reporting bugs, and does not only try to get his new pet project into
Debian. I think your arrogance is not necessary here, except if your
goal is to alienate everyone who is not working on required/base
packages or Debian infrastructure.

> | > Besides, you got recommends to DAM on 2003-02-05
> | > Not even 6 months of waiting.
> | 
> | And as far as I'm concerned, 60 days without any status update is too
> | long to keep someone waiting.  There is no good reason for lack of
> | updates.  If DAM has too much on his plate to provide a simple update
> | then he needs to reduce the stuff on his plate and let someone else take
> | over.
> that is not your call to make.  It's his, and the DPL's.

What about us other fellow developers? Since when has Debian become a
monarchy? Or haven't you noticed that some developers are also unhappy
with the NM situation? Do you think it is absolutely necessary for DDs
to have the determination and idealism to endure months in a limbo
without any feedback? Sure I am glad that some people do and continue
to contribute, but I can also fully understand people getting
frustrated and looking for other projects instead of Debian. And I
don't think that this frustration is an indicator that the person
would have been a bad DD.


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