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Re: Work-needing packages report for Jul 11, 2003

On Sat, Jul 19, 2003 at 12:51:31AM +0200, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 18, 2003 at 12:02:08PM -0600, Jamin W. Collins wrote:
> There are better ways :-)   For example,
>   - work with other folks nicely and establish your fame for the
>     quality of work.  Demonstrate your skill to work with other
>     developers and to work on important sections of debian.  Your
>     chance of becoming DD quickly will surly increase.

And because my interests lie in packages that may not be seen as
"important sections of Debian" I'm a second class applicant?

> Besides, you got recommends to DAM on 2003-02-05
> Not even 6 months of waiting.

And as far as I'm concerned, 60 days without any status update is too
long to keep someone waiting.  There is no good reason for lack of
updates.  If DAM has too much on his plate to provide a simple update
then he needs to reduce the stuff on his plate and let someone else take

> > No it's not hard, it just has a very long (unnecessarily so) wait
> > with no explaination for it.  I didn't complain about it being too
> > hard, just that it's current broken and in need of fixing.
> But you said some people are passing through.  Their DAM waiting times
> seem to be less than a year.

And yet some are not, and their waiting times are in some cases in
excess of 2 to 3 years.  Pointing out that people are getting accepted
does nothing but highlight the fact that there is a problem with the DAM

> As history tells, account creation is a batch process.   Please realize,
> those who got approved then are not the older applications.  Those are the
> people who James felt compelled to approve.
>  http://lists.debian.org/debian-newmaint-discuss/2001/debian-newmaint-discuss-200104/msg00041.html

Yea, I read that when he posted it originally.  However, he has yet to
act on that as shown by people still awaiting approval with no update
for in excess of 2 years.

> This gives interesting insights how James thinks and behaves.  I
> believe he had more explicit messages later on this delay issues back
> then.

I don't recall seeing anything regarding the delays and no one has
provided links to anything of that nature found in the archives.

> > The fact that db.d.o is down is not a blanket excuse for the people
> > waiting for a year or longer.
> But it surely is not the best time to complain either.

When is a good time to complain?  Sort answer there isn't.  db.d.o being
down doesn't stop a solution being discussed or the problem being aired
out.  I might delay a solution from being implemented, but we have yet
to arrive at that point.

> If you are waiting more than year after AM process, you should think
> there may be some problem for you.  But cheer up.  You are new people
> in waiting list.

Your statement causes exactly the opposite effect.  At 5 months waiting,
I'm considered "new".  After 5 months an applicant should (IMHO) be able
to expect to have had a response to their application for quite some
time.  If existing DDs consider this acceptable this is truly a sad
state of affairs.

Jamin W. Collins

To be nobody but yourself when the whole world is trying it's best night
and day to make you everybody else is to fight the hardest battle any
human being will fight. -- E.E. Cummings

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