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Re: Daft Internet Stuff [Re: Returning from "vacation". (MIA?)]

Neil McGovern wrote:
> These are all valid points, however, I still don't want to read HTML
> e-mail in mutt.

You are figting a losing battle. If the MUA that someone uses is set-up to
send HTML (rich test, whatever) email then you are highly unlikely to get
them to change it. Some devices (cable TV email?) may not even be able to
turn it off. Whatever the arguements are for running a lean mean email
client its probably going to have to cope with HTML email or you are going
to have to limit who you interact with!

> Asking people to blindly follow a set of rules, doesn't as you say work.
> However, if someonbe does send me an e-mail, I send one back explaining
> why HTML e-mail is bad and wrong due to a) compatability and b)
> bandwidth issues.

Yes, but then if the majority of clients can send/recive HTML email, who has
the compatibility problem?

> It then doesn't happen again, as people realise why the 'rules' were set
> up in the first place.

Maybe, I suspect not though.


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