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Re: Daft Internet Stuff [Re: Returning from "vacation". (MIA?)]

Emile van Bergen wrote:
> So what do you propose then, to drop everything just because you
> cynically point out that a lot of rules are being violated today?

What I'm saying is that (a lot of) these rules are archaic and irrelevant in
today's Internet world. Firstly I doubt any of the people who violate the
rules are even aware what an RFC is or what it's for - and if they did they
probably wouldn't care.
Does it matter to the sender that they put a couple of extra lines in their
signature and this *may* cause a few extra seconds download time for the
Is forwarding a chain letter going to get them cut off by their ISP?
Will their computer explode if they type their message in CAPITALS?

The answer to these is no, and I hazard a guess that 'abuse' of any of these
rules would end up at the same conclusion - it's not relevant to me
therefore I'll dismiss it. Society evolves and with it rules change, we need
to accept this and see what evolves - if it turns out to be bad then limits
will have to be applied, but I'm not seeing a complete state of anarchy
break out yet...


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