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Re: Daft Internet Stuff [Re: Returning from "vacation". (MIA?)]


On Sat, May 17, 2003 at 05:57:31PM +0100, Matt Ryan wrote:

> [He who should not be named wrote]
> > That .sig is problematic beyond just its content; it is 12 lines long and
> > adds almost 1kb to each of your messages (probably longer than the
> contents
> > of many messages).  Refer to RFC 1855 or any other netiquette document for
> > further information.
> With statements such as this:
> Never send chain letters via electronic mail.  Chain letters are forbidden
> on the Internet. Your network privileges will be revoked. Notify your local
> system administrator if your ever receive one.
> You can tell this is great advice these days. Like almost all the
> Internet/Usenet etiquette and behaviour things it only serves 1 purpose - to
> make the people spouting it look like old fools when 99.999% of the users
> these days don't give a damn about the 'rules' dreamt up by academics in
> 1985!

So what do you propose then, to drop everything just because you
cynically point out that a lot of rules are being violated today?

Or were you just trolling?


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