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Re: Daft Internet Stuff [Re: Returning from "vacation". (MIA?)]

On Mon, 19 May 2003 00:25, Matt Ryan wrote:
> Neil McGovern wrote:
> > These are all valid points, however, I still don't want to read HTML
> > e-mail in mutt.
> You are figting a losing battle. If the MUA that someone uses is set-up to
> send HTML (rich test, whatever) email then you are highly unlikely to get
> them to change it. Some devices (cable TV email?) may not even be able to
> turn it off. Whatever the arguements are for running a lean mean email
> client its probably going to have to cope with HTML email or you are going
> to have to limit who you interact with!

I don't think that avoiding communication with webtv users is any great loss.

It's very rare for me to have a HTML email that I actually want to read, I 
probably should configure my mail server to reject them all.

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