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Returning from "vacation". (MIA?)


Things have finally settled down, and I once again have some spare
time to devote to Debian after a 2-year absence....

The new sysadmin job is going well. The new child is growing up.
The new house is now home. The Everquest Addiction(tm) has faded. Etc. :^)

For the time being, I am getting back up to speed on the new policy
changes and project directions. Once I get comfortable again with
the Project, and all the new stuff that has happened, I will pick
up some work from the QA team, and find my niche again.

At least, I will if there is still room for me here. :^)

And please don't be offended by the .sig. Procmail is a godsend,
dealing with anywhere between 25 to 100 spams a day on three of
my email addresses. I will see anything on debian-devel and on
debian-private, but if anyone sends me private mail, please follow
the directions below....

/ Clay Crouch                      | <danno@danno.tzo.com>          \
| PGP 94781680: 020E 793B 455D 9737 5956 1A3B 0AE8 807A 9478 1680   |
| GPG 7D2AD631: 2319 2356 FEDF 4631 63F3 762A E443 1C2A 7D2A D631   |
| I loathe spam. Therefore, I have procmail set up to send mail to  |
| /dev/null by default, unless your address matches a rule. To send |
| me mail, put "PASSTHRU-UNFILTERED" in the subject line to dodge   |
| the one-way trip to the bit-bucket. I will add your address to my |
| filter, so you only have to do this once per address. :^)         |

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