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Re: Proposal for removal of mICQ package

>>>>> In article <[🔎] 87fzqphiub.dlv@wanadoo.fr>, Remi VANICAT
>>>>> <vanicat@debian.org> writes: 

 > It's not a privilege. The privilege is the other way out (that is
 > upstream to let debian distribute his software).

	Really? I fail to see it as a one way street:  upstream
 authors deserve respect for coding free software. and the
 integrators deserve respect for packaging, integrating software into
 the rest of the system, and helping resolve bugs.  While using free
 software is a privilege, so is getting your software a wider
 audience by integration into Debian; 

	However, most of the respect earned by the upstream author
 has been eroded by the trojanned DOS attack; and the respect for
 upstreams work does not go so far anyway for Debian to grovel to
 include free software no matter what (we reserve the right not to
 include software in Debian, and we may even throw out software we
 deem to have insufficient quality [aka too buggy to package].

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