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Re: Another pbuilder run finished

> > > I don't know for sure, but X11 and teTeX come to mind. Those two are
> > > rather nasty beasts in terms of CPU/space requirements when
> > > building. Glibc might be a bit nasty as well, though it's probably
> > > not as bad. 
> > glibc only took 17:49.77 total and 400mb to build here.
> Is it possible to tune pbuilder to use make -j x ? We have an
> experimental openmosix cluster that could use erm, "load testing".

I won't really try to use make -jx, because make -jx doesn't really
work always.

I would, on the other hand, try to run multiple pbuilder 
build sessions concurrently.

Although running pbuilder is quite HDD-intensive task,
it is also CPU-intensive, so it should scale pretty 
with running it on a MOSIX


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