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Re: Another pbuilder run finished

> >   Couldn't be used a more powerful Debian machine? Perhaps this should
> >   be done with periodicity but, IMHO, a process which takes a month is a
> >   lot. Reducing it to something like a week or so could be great (I
> >   don't know really which machine are you using, and what would be
> >   needed to do this in a week)
> We could speed up the runs by distributing them over several
> voulenteer machines. I have a few gigahertz that I can throw at the
> task.

I was thinking about that. If people are willing, that would be nice.

It is currently running on my personal system.

The possible drawbacks is that you need root privilage to run pbuilder,
and running pbuilder over the whole distribution requires a good 
network access to a mirror, or preferrably a personal 
full source/i386(or other architecture) mirror.

I was thinking of some kind of mailing list you can stuff
random build logs at, so that people can go and check, for a start.

It takes some time to check build logs to decipher what the 
real failure comes from, however we do need to have a report of 
some build failure first to notice the problem at all.
(for example, a broken shared library package or a broken toolchain will
result in several dozens of build failures, so a build failure bug should
not always be filed to the package which fails to build.)


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